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8 Ways to Optimize Google Business Local Listing

by Heru Setiawan on Jan 25 2020

To optimize our Google Business listing for local searches, we should understand how Google determines local ranking. According to the following help article in Google, Google defines that local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence.

Relevance – How well your local listing matches what someone is looking for. This definitely is related to the information you have provided in your Google listing.

Distance – How far is your business from the searcher?

Prominence – How well known is your business? This includes information about the business across the web (includes links, articles, and directories).  Applies to the reviews and positive ratings you have received in your listing.

So, with that here are 8 ways you can optimize your business listing.

Complete Your Google Business Listing Information

Sounds very clear but many businesses failed to claim or even complete their business listing. Have you completed your business listing information? Some pointers that can help you complete your data:

  1. Ensure your business name, address, and phone number are correct and up-to-date. Double checks that this information is consistent with citations or informations you have provided anywhere else on the web.
  2. Claim you Google Business short name. Include your location in your business short name. For instance, “smartitsurabaya” or “smartitjakarta”
  3. Complete your business description. Make sure that your business description contains keywords that your prospects usually use.
  4. Choose the appropriate category and sub-category. If your business is conducting across multiple categories, choose one that is the most important to your business – be specific if possible. Use sub-categories to identify other additional services you are offering.
  5. Upload great photos – there are so many types of photos you can complete in the your Google business listing. Complete them as much as possible. Google recommends the following (https://support.google.com/business/answer/6123536):
    • 3 exterior shots.
    • 3 interior shots.
    • 3 team photos serving customers.
    • 3 products.
    • 3 photos of your colleagues and team members.

Be Responsive and Active in Your Google Business

Google has many features for your business listing including reviews, questions, and answers.

  1. Generate reviews and respond to reviews. You can do this by providing incentive to your visiting customers to leave a review to your business listing. This will increase the prominence factor for your business listing.
  2. Answer questions when asked as soon as possible.
  3. Use Google to post updates such as activities, promotions, or events related to your business.

So, have you claimed your Google Business listing? Or, better yet, optimize it for your future prospects? Which one of the steps do you think is very crucial and works for you?