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Google Display Advertising

Post your ads to reach 90% of people on the Internet!

Important Facts

  • More than 88.1 millions people in Indonesia are using the Internet.
  • 95% of people spend their time online in reading and engaging with the content of a website.
  • Google Display Network spans over 2 million websites and reach over 90% of people on the Internet.

Questions to Ponder

  • Is your website / business listed on the Display Network?
  • What will happen if your business shows up in the Google Display Network?
  • What will happen if you can remarket your products to customers who have visited your site?
Example of Google Display Network

Post Your Ads on Google Display Network Now

  • More and more people are spending their time online by reading or engaging content on websites.
  • With Google Display Network, you can engage these users with your ads.
  • Target website categories which your customers usually visit.
  • Pay only when someone clicks your ads.
  • Get more customers now!

Why Google AdWords

Reach the right market.

Show your ads based on interests, demographic, and locations.

Tweak. Test. Analyze.

Easily tweak and test your ads performance to make sure that your ads are effective.

Stop and Change Anytime.

Stop any ads that are not performing. Create new ads anytime for incidental promotions.

Complete Reports

Combining with complete report from Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you can get insight reports on your online consumer behaviors.

Flexible Budget and Pay for Your Result Only

You can easily adjust your budget and bidding strategy for your ads. In addition, you will only pay for the ads when someone clicks on it.


Show your ads or your products to users who have interacted with your website.

Why Us?

Continual Insight

It is easy to setup Google AdWords. But, it is hard to master it. Setting up the right target, discovering insights, and implementing them are necessary for effective Google AdWords campaign.

Work with Integrity

Integrity matters the most in our work. We will provide you with a complete report on how your marketing budget is spent and we will provide recommendations to you as well.

Google Partner Agency

As a Google partner certified agency, our Google AdWords and Google Analytics IQ certified personnel will help to strategize your marketing campaign in Google Ads.

Level Up Your Business Now
with the Right Google AdWords Strategy

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