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Business Focused

Our online store development solutions focus on your business. We create an online store based on your business operations and customers.

Securely Developed

In developing our online store, we use web security standards in building your web application. We will still require you to use SSL and if possible PCI DSS validation.

Optimized for Speed

We developed our online store with loading speed in mind. We can use technologies such as webp, caching, CDN, lazy loading, and others to speed up the load of your website.

Cloud Based

If needed, we can build your online store application in the cloud to help make it easier for you to do scaling during the peak period of your online store.

Online Store Features

Custom Design

We can do custom design with responsive web design to customize your online store according to your branding.

Shipping Method Calculatiom

Prepare your online shop with the shipment calculation feature from JNE, J&T, SiCepat, POS Indonesia, and others.

Payment Methods

Receive payment methods like OVO, Go-Pay, Kartu Kredit, and BCA VA. Our online shop platform is payment gateway ready: Doku, Midtrans, Xendit, SprintAsia, E2Pay, PayPal, Stripe, BCA VA, and many others.

Instant Notifications

Send instand notifications regarding order status via E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Search Engine Friendly

Online online store development always prioritizes proper SEO features.

E-Commerce Analytics

Our online store application is fully integrated with E-Commerce Analytics dari Google Analytics and GA 360.

Data Sourcing

Our online shop provides ready-to-use data feeds for Facebook Catalogue (Instagram Shopping) and also Google Product Feed (Google Shopping and Remarketing).

Many Other Features

Apart from the favorite features above, other features include multi-variable coupon discount, auto cancel invoice, inventory system, newsletter (integrated with MailChimp), customer group discounts, multi admins, and many more.

Our Online Store Portfolio

  • Pura Indonesia

  • House of Winders

  • Crazy Elephant Singapore

  • Watch Club


  • Nostrec Indonesia

  • Lifestraw – PT Tirta Buana Lestari

  • Toko Gemilang

  • ED Design Singapore

  • Dino Lite – Digital Microscope

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